Sep 13 2022

Europa League - Arsenal 2-1 opening 19-year-old rising star debut pass Nkee scored

By Augu
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Arsenal played away to Zurich in the first round of the Europa League group stage. Rising star Marquinhos scored for Arsenal in his first appearance, Nketiah sent a penalty, Kierjeziu scored a penalty, Marquinhos assisted Nketier's goal, and Arsenal won 2-1 against Zurich to open the European game.


Arsenal made seven squad changes, with goalkeepers Turner and Marchinhos scoring their first appearances, while Holden, Kenyo Fuan, Tierney, Vieira and Nketiah also rotated to start.

In the 7th minute, Turner's pass was cut off and Tossin's low-angle shot was blocked off the line. In the 11th minute, Marquinhos crossed and Martinelli's header was deflected off target. In the 15th minute, Xhaka's cross from the left was met by Marquinhos who fired high.

In the 16th minute, Vieira's direct pass from the back, Nketiah's cross from the left side of the ball, Marchinios pushed the back of the penalty area to break the goal, 0-1, Arsenal away to the lead, the first time for the Gunners Marquinhos scored the first goal.


In the 21st minute, Lokuna's direct pass from the middle was met by Fabio Vieira. In the 23rd minute, Arsenal attacked with a corner kick, Xhaka fired a low shot from outside the box and the goalkeeper flanked the ball. In the 29th minute, Tuoshin's one-handed shot into the box was blocked by Holden, who was also judged to be offside.

In the 34th minute, Ochita crossed, Tuosin pushed a shot in the middle of the penalty area, and Sernas's pumped kick was refracted off the line. In the 42nd minute, Nketija kicked down Alati when he broke free, the referee awarded a penalty, and Keryeziu kicked a penalty to push the goal, 1-1, Zurich tied the score. At half-time, the two teams drew 1-1.


After half-time, the two teams observed a moment of silence for the recently deceased Queen of England. In the 46th minute, Marchinios advanced with the ball and Nketiah fired high from the right side of the penalty area. In the 53rd minute, Nketiah's shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper after a continuous dribble cross.

In the 56th minute, Xhaka passed the ball and Martinelli fired high from the left side of the penalty area. In the 62nd minute, Marchinhos crossed from the right and Nketiah nodded the ball into the net after the penalty area, 1-2, Arsenal once again took the lead.


In the 66th minute, Tossin passed the ball and Bolanyaševic's long-range shot was blocked. In the 70th minute, Ochita's long-range shot from outside the penalty area was deflected wide. In the 80th minute, Saka passed the ball, Jesus cut inside on the right and pushed it, and the goalkeeper confiscated the ball.

In the 86th minute, Martinelli's low cross from the left was met by Jesus, who fired a low shot and the goalkeeper stretched his legs to block the ball off the line. In the 80th minute, Santini's header hit the goal and Turner confiscated the ball. The match ended with Arsenal beating Zurich 2-1.

Zurich (4411): Zurich starters: 25-Bretch/19-Bolaniašević, 2-Camperi, 31-Kierezv, 6-Arita/11-Ochita (80'18-Avdiaye), 21-Jemaili (67'10-Marcesano), 8-Sernas, 3-Guerrero (67'23-Rhone)/7 Krasnic (67'17-Conde)/15-Tossin (80'9-Santini)

Arsenal (433): 30-Turner/18-Kenyo Fuan, 16-Holden, 6-Gabriel, 3-Tierney (69'35-Zinchenko)/21-Fabio Viela (69'8-Erdega), 23-Lokunga, 34-Zaka/27-Marchinhos (69'7-Saka), 14-Nketija (78'9-Jesus), 11-Martinelli

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