Sep 13 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo goal was blown away by Lima controversy sending Manchester United 0-1 Real Sociedad

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the first round of Group E was played in the 2022-23 Europa League group stage, with Manchester United facing Real Sociedad at old Trafford. Manchester United 0-1 Real Sociedad, United were awarded a controversial penalty: the ball hit Martinez's leg and bounced to his arm, and Mendes took the penalty. In this game, Ronaldo started and played the whole game, he scored but was judged to be offside.


The two teams have met 4 times in European games, Manchester United has won 2 wins and 2 draws to remain unbeaten, of which Manchester United has won 1 win and 1 draw in 2 games at home, and it is worth mentioning that Manchester United has not conceded a goal in these 4 games. Manchester United started this game and the last league game compared to the rotation of 6 people, De Gea, Dalot, Marcia, Eriksen and Anthony started consecutively, Manchester United changed the 433 formation this game, C Ronaldo returned to the starting and Anthony, Elanga formed an attacking trident.

In the 14th minute, Dalo's long pass was blocked and Cristiano Ronaldo inserted a single knife, but he carried the ball into the box and was chased by a Real Sociedad defender and kicked the ball away. In the 17th minute, Eriksen hoisted a pass into the penalty area and the unguarded Cristiano Ronaldo tried to head the ball from 8 yards but slowed down a little. In the 23rd minute, Erlanga burst into the box from the left and crossed, and Fred's shot from 12 yards was blocked off the line. In the 25th minute, Eriksen cut in and Cristiano Ronaldo received a good chance to shoot inside the penalty area but he stopped the ground ball into a half-high ball, and Pacheco broke the bottom line. Eriksen drove a corner kick from the left, Anthony stopped the ball and shot from 16 yards on the right rib that was powerless and the goalkeeper got the ball.


In the 27th minute, Muñoz crossed from the left, Lindelof's header was cleared, Silva's forward edge of the penalty area was sent into the box, and Mendes's shot from 12 yards was deflected. In the 30th minute, Fred fired high from distance. In the 36th minute, Dalot's 45-degree cross from the right was met by Ronaldo's header from 10 yards, but the referee signaled Ronaldo to offside. In the 38th minute, Fred's pass was cut off by Sadiq, who burst into the box and shot was blocked off the line by Casemiro. At the end of the first half, the two teams drew 0-0.


Cristiano Ronaldo scored offside

At the beginning of the second half, United replaced Martinez and B Fee with Dalot and Erikson. In the 46th minute, B Fei crossed from the right and C Ronaldo's header from 6 yards was deflected into the top corner. In the 49th minute, Erlanga made the ball and Cristiano Ronaldo shot high from 25 yards. In the 53rd minute, Kubo's cross from the left was met by Martinez and Sollot's header from 8 yards went high over the bar.

In the 56th minute, Kubo's cross from the right was met by Silva's shot from 14 yards, blocked by Martinez. Referee Di Bello, who considered Martinez handball, awarded a penalty and showed a yellow card. The Manchester United players were very dissatisfied with the theory of surrounding the referee, and from the replay, the Manchester United players had reasons for dissatisfaction, the ball first hit Martinez's leg and then bounced on the arm, but the referee did not change the decision. Mendes hit a penalty and United made it 0-1 Ton Sociedad.


In the 60th minute, Silva received a yellow card for putting Down Casemiro behind his back. In the 64th minute, B Fei crossed from the right and the unguarded Casemiro headed the ball over the left rib from 5 yards and bounced off the crossbar. In the 67th minute, Erlanga's shot from the left was blocked by a shot that burst into the box. In the 68th minute, the Malaysian penalty area received the ball and deflected the shot. In the 77th minute, Casemiro's long-range shot was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 80th minute, Ariccio's long-range shot was saved by De Gea. In the 83rd minute, Fred stopped the ball too much and then the shoveler with a bright sole received a yellow card.

In the 85th minute, C Ronaldo stopped the ball in the penalty area and was pulled down by Zubi Mendy, and the referee ignored it. In the 88th minute, Martinez passed the ball and Ganganjo shot high from distance. In the 89th minute, Trents brought down Ronaldo and received a yellow card. Cristiano Ronaldo's free-kick from 25 yards on the left hit the wall. In the 92nd minute, Ganacgio passed the ball and Casemiro shot from the edge of the box and the goalkeeper saved the ball. Manchester United ended up 0-1 Real Sociedad.


Ronaldo was put down and the referee ignored it

Manchester United (433): 1-De Gea/20-Dalot (46' 6-Martinez), 2-Lindelof, 5-Maguire, 12-Malaysia (84' 56-McNeill)/14-Eriksen (46' 8-B Fee), 18-Casemiro, 17-Fred/21-Anthony (71' 25-Sancho), 7-C Ronaldo, 36-Erlanga (71' 49-Ganacho)

Real Sociedad (4312): 1- Remiro/18-Grossabel (84' 2-Sola), 6-Elustondo, 20-Pacheco, 12-Muñoz/3-Zubimenti, 23-Mendes (84' 22-Trentez), 8-Merino/21-Silva (65' 11-Arrijo)/25-Sadik (46' 19-Sollot), 14-Kenei Kubo (78' 7-Barenechea)

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