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Bayern vs Barca: New hatred and old hatred together, can Levan lead Barca to avenge the old lord?

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Barca, which is in excellent form in the new season, has given fans more expectations. Levan, who has contributed 9 goals and 2 assists in the past 6 games, has proved that he is an ace scorer wherever he goes.

Leaving the Polish centre-forward, Bayern suffered a three-game draw in the league and the team was at a low ebb. Will they be able to hold the home field? There may also be some Bayern fans who are looking forward to welcoming a new manager (such as Tuchel) as soon as possible.

01. Bayern's new attacking system after bidding farewell to Levine: Mane is unambiguous in his tough fights

a. Mane can support the offensive system: his own shooting efficiency is not high

After bidding farewell to Levan, Bayern clarified Mane's new tactical system as a centre-forward. As far as hard battles are concerned, Mane's tactical role and value are not inferior to Levan's. But Mane's shooting efficiency is not high, and the daily scoring frequency at the league level is indeed not comparable to Levan.

Bayern currently use Mane as a shaft to allow Sane to close in to the middle, with Alfonso Davies and the right winger pulling away in width while Muller and Sane look for opportunities behind Mane.


Mane's advantage over Levine is that he takes the ball in the middle and turns around faster, and is better at passing the ball to speed up the overall attack.

By widening the offensive width by Davis and Coman (who uses Gnabry when injured), Sane can be adducted into a two-striker. At the same time, Mueller can withdraw the organization, and can also quickly follow up and become a second-row attacker.

As can be seen clearly from the GIF, this can be said to be the strongest routine that Nagelsmann wants Bayern to play. Taking advantage of Mane's flexible turn to split the ball and point Davis, the key is that he did not score a shot on goal, followed by Muller and Sabicze in a row into the box to make up for the shot.

Bayern's style of playing with attacking breadth while going forward and then to the back is very fatal to Barca.


Looking at the attack this time, it was still the two wings pulled apart, and then Sane in the middle of the road went straight to Mane. The latter accurately returned the ball, allowing Mueller to shoot a threatening shot with a bow and arrow.


B. Playing Barça Müller is best at it: he is the key to Bayern's success or failure

In the past many times against Barca, Müller has played well. Because of his swimming and flexibility, which Busquets and other Barca midfielders could not effectively limit.

In the match against Inter, Müller won a total of 5 shots on goal, but unfortunately failed to take them. I don't know if Müller will put on his shooting boots against Barca. Behind Mane, Müller and Musharra have even more chances to score goals than Lewan did.

Bayern's attack is essentially three defenders and one back at the back, while the two wings of the front are spread wide and the 3-man group in the middle is up and down.

Sabitze, as a back with strong long-range shooting ability, can also participate in controlling the second drop point, completing the launch of counter-attacks and secondary attacks.

With Alfonso Davis, Sane could be liberated to do more. This time winger Koeman shifted the ball to Davis, who returned to Sanepin to draw the penalty area, and it was Muller who got a shot in the middle.

With the characteristics of Barca defenders and midfielders, it is really not easy to prevent Muller from entering the box.


Bayern's side doesn't just have Muller, if the former is not in good shape, there is also the possibility of making Musharra a scoring point with the backhand. The youngster has felt good on goal lately, his quick escape movements, good shots, and also a threat to Barca.

Of course, the premise of everything is still based on the Bayern wing to be able to obtain a suppressive advantage.


02. Xavi, who does not find 4: Barcelona's new system is also suppressed by the side

a. Averaged 4 goals in the last 5 games: Levan is in too hot form

Xavi has restored Barca to their beauty and dominance, and since he took charge as manager, the Red and Blues have won 4 goals in 9 times.

At the same time, in the past 5 official games, Barca not only won 5 consecutive games, but also scored 20 goals and only conceded 2 goals, averaging 4 goals per game, making Barca fans laugh at Xavi 'no 4 to find 4'!


The key point is that Dembele's personal ability is too strong, and he is no longer just the outside attacker who will only cross after the ball is changed on the wing. This season's large number of breaks in the inner cut, can completely disrupt the opponent's penalty area, but also allow Levan to get more opportunities to swim in the open position.

This time, after Dembele's personal show, it was a strong tackle, followed by Levan's header from the assist point.

In addition, Dembele's value in the counter-attack push is also very large, he can carry the ball forward at high speed to attract the defense at the same time, and send a beautiful straight plug to Levan.

So with Dembele, Levan will be more valuable and even feel happier than he did at Bayern.

In the new season, Levan scored 6 goals on target in 19 shots on goal in 5 La Liga games, and the super high shooting accuracy and goal conversion rate made Levan win the hearts of countless Barca fans.


b. Barca's bilateral striker wrestles with Bayern

Similar to the Bayern winger's one adduction and one pull-apart width, Barca's side is similar. However, there will be more changes in comparison. In particular, Dembele and Rafinha can change positions at any time during the game, which makes it less easy for opponents to defend.

Rafinha's defensive involvement is high and it's good to have no ball forward. Once Dembele picks up the ball, Rafinha can also be a two-striker.

This time to break Sevilla's first goal, Dembele's dribble and straight to Levan were crucial. Even though the Poles failed to take advantage of the opportunity, Rafinha, who had arrived on horseback, sent the ball to the bottom of the opponent's net.

Barca's impactful style of play is somewhat similar to Bayern.


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