Sep 13 2022

Famous debunking of rumors Ronaldo has never made a big fuss about the locker room without any contradictions with the manager's teammates

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September 10 okbet sports news Romano today in the personal YouTube program, with a whole video to debunk C Ronaldo related fake news, rumors.


Screenshot of Romano video

Romano: We saw a lot of stories and rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of August. He said that C Ronaldo created problems in training, may have some problems with Teng hahe, was dissatisfied with the decisions of some head coaches, and some of his own substitutes.

Through a number of different sources, inside the club, on the player side, on the C Ronaldo side, I can say that Ronaldo has never created any problems in the dressing room this season.

When Ronaldo didn't play as he used to, Ronaldo wasn't happy, but it was completely normal as the world's top player. Cristiano Ronaldo is working hard for the starting position, in the position of an important player for Manchester United, in the late July and early August C Ronaldo is still very professional, he has never created any problems, and there is no problem with his teammates and manager Ten hach.

Subsequently, Romano talked about the C Rorschach window transfer rumors: Burleigh wanted Cristiano Ronaldo and tried to bring in players for Chelsea. But Tuchel expressed his objections more than once, answering no. Bayern and Atletico Have never made a formal offer, and there have been no specific

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