Sep 13 2022

Crazy shots! Martial: Mourinho doesn't respect me Solskjaer betrayed me

By Augu
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Martial went crazy in an interview, criticizing both Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The French striker said Mourinho did not respect him because mourinho had changed his shirt numbers without permission. At the same time, he shelled the commander and asked him to fight with his wounds, but did not inform the media of this situation, which was tantamount to betrayal.


Under Van Gaal, Martial had unlimited scenery. However, he was in a slump under Mourinho. The mourinho also made no secret of his disappointment in Martial. In 2018, Mourinho had said martial arts lacked maturity and said he was like a "spoiled child". Now, Martial has fought back against Mourinho, who says a big part of his slump comes from the boss himself.

In the summer of 2016, Ibrahimovic joined Manchester United, after which Mourinho gave the No. 9 shirt to the Swedes and asked Martial to wear the No. 11. Martial is a big opinion: "The story [my feud with Mourinho] began with the story of that jersey number. During the holidays, he texted me and asked if I would like to switch to number 11, and he said it was a great number, the number of the team legend Giggs. ”

"I replied to him and I said I had a lot of respect for Giggs, but I'd rather keep the no. 9 shirt. However, when I returned to the club, I found that my shirt number had been changed to number 11 and the ending of the story was not perfect at all. He lacked respect for me. Martial said.

"He talks about me in front of the media, in short words, just as he talks about Benzema at Real Madrid. He loves this little game, and he knows who he's playing with. He knew I was only 20 years old at the time, and if I said anything, I would be labeled disrespectful. So, I didn't say anything, and it didn't matter if I said it. The following season, I played the best in the first half of the team. Then he bought Sanchez and I could barely play. It was the year of the World Cup and I paid a heavy price, France won the championship and I should have been there. ”

Martial also accused Solskjaer of "perfidy" because the Norwegian coach refused to defend him when he came on with an injury. "I often come out with injuries. In the first four months of the coronavirus, I couldn't speed up at all. The coach told me he needed me and I was on the pitch. I couldn't speed up and I was in a lot of trouble. The media has been critical of me. However, Suo Shuai never told the media about this (appeared with an injury). ”

"In the end, I was completely injured and was absent for a while. When I came back, I never got playing time again. I feel bad, I feel very unfair. You are asked to make sacrifices for the team and then you are ignored. In my opinion, this is almost a betrayal. I hate it all so much. I can be blamed, but not framed. Martial stressed.

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