Sep 13 2022

Mane has scored just 1 goal in bayern's last 5 games Liverpool have only scored 2 goals in 3 games

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Liverpool let go of Mane this summer, who joined Bayern for a £28m transfer fee. After leaving Liverpool, Mane has not fared well at his new club, scoring just one goal in his last five games. After losing Mane, Liverpool were also struggling, the attack had big problems, the record was bad, and Klopp was under a lot of pressure for this.


Mane moved to Bayern this summer:

When playing for Liverpool, Mane was known as the team's thigh. This summer, he resolutely left Liverpool in search of a new challenge. In an interview, Mane revealed that he had decided to leave this year last year, which was a surprise. After going to Bayern, Mane scored three goals in the first three bundesliga rounds and was in good shape. Unfortunately, he then lost his magic.

In the last five games (3 Bundesliga games, 1 Champions League, 1 German Cup), Mane has scored only 1 goal, and the only goal is against a Bundesliga team. Moreover, in these 5 games, Mane has started 4 games and only 1 is a substitute. It is not difficult to see that Mane is in big trouble. In recent matches, Mane has had few opportunities to pick up the ball.

Without Mane, Liverpool's attack fell into constipation. Apart from the 9-0 bloodbath of Southampton, Liverpool have to worry about scoring goals at other times. In the other 5 games in the first six rounds of the league, Liverpool only scored 5 goals in total, which was very embarrassing. Without Mane stirring up trouble in the front, Salah, Díaz and others also lost their magic. Klopp is at a loss for words.

Reds fans are already missing Mane, who see the team's release of Mane this summer as a lose-lose-lose deal. However, objectively speaking, Liverpool's release of Mane this summer is also forced, because the players have already decided. Romano revealed: "As far as I know, it is difficult for Liverpool to keep him. I don't think Liverpool was a mistake in selling Mane. When a player decides to leave, there's no point in keeping him in the team. ”

Like Mane, Origi couldn't find the feeling of scoring after leaving Liverpool. He is seen by the outside world as the worst signing in Serie A this summer. Origi left the Reds because he wanted a main position, but his current performance at AC Milan was simply a disaster. Since the start of Serie A, Origi has made 3 appearances and scored 0 goals. The Daily Mail said: "Milan boss Pioli is now beginning to understand why the striker can leave Liverpool on his own. ”

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