Sep 13 2022

Cassie Rated Football 5 Gate Gods! Pantyhose lead British media: Alisson is not worthy?

By Augu
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Real Madrid legendary goalkeeper Casillas recently rated the five active goalkeepers in football in his mind, namely Courtois, Ederson, Oblak, Ter Stegen and Neuer. For this result, the British media was not satisfied: "Alisson is not worthy of this list? ”



The 41-year-old, once recognized as the first goalkeeper in football, is quick to save, often making what seems like a must-have goal. In 2019, Cassie was diagnosed with heart problems during training. In 2020, Cassie was forced to retire. After retiring, he still pays attention to football and some junior goalkeepers.

In an interview, Cassi spoke out about his current football No.1 goalkeeper – Courtois. After joining Real Madrid, Courtois started out badly, but the last two seasons have been very stable, and they are the main contributors to Real Madrid's Champions League and La Liga titles. However, there are fans who believe that Cassi put Courtois at the top of the list for reasons why his personal Real Madrid plot is in it.

Cassi believes Manchester City's Ederson, Atletico's Oblak, Barca's Ter Stegen and Bayern's Neuer neuer are the 2nd-5th goalkeeper in football. The Sun was unhappy about this, as only one goalkeeper in the top 5 came from the Premier League.

The Daily Mirror asked Cassie, "Shouldn't Alisson be on this list?" The media said Alisson is one of the premier League's best goalkeepers, having won the Golden Glove Award twice and was awarded the Jasin Award by French Football in 2019. However, the Mirror then said Liverpool's poor record this season may be a major reason Alisson has been forgotten.

Liverpool have played seven games this season, only two without conceding goals, conceding a total of 10 goals. In the last game, they were rubbed on the ground by Napoli 1-4 away from home. In the Champions League this midweek, Liverpool will face Ajax at home. The Dutch Champions have been in full swing lately, with 13 goals in the last three games, and Alisson is under a lot of pressure.

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