Sep 13 2022

Paris 7-1 Lille, the emperor wearing a hat, Neymar 3 passes and 2 shots, Messi, Ashraf passed

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At 02:45 (okbet sports) on August 22, the third round of Ligue 1 continued, with Paris Saint-Germain challenging Lille away. In the first half, the MNM Trident smashed the discord rumors, Mbappe scored the fastest goal in Ligue 1 with a blitz in the opening 8 seconds, Messi and Neymar passed separately, and Ashraf scored. In the second half, "Nem" continued to destroy the opponent's weak defense line, and Neymar completed a double in the next consecutive game and then assisted Mbappe twice to score a hat-trick; Jonathan Bamba scored two consecutive strikes. In the end, Paris slaughtered Lille 7-1 away.

Critical events

8 seconds to crush the discord rumors! Messi was guided by a long pass over the top, Mbappe's anti-offside single-handed light volley broke the goal, scoring the fastest goal in Ligue 1 since statistics were counted, and Paris took a fantastic start 1-0 lead!


In the 27th minute, Messi slashed into the penalty area to receive Nuno Mendez's inverted triangle cross and scored a low shot to extend Paris' 2-0 advantage! 

In the 38th minute, Neymar's right rib forward sent a direct assist to Ashraf's one-handed push to break the goal, giving Paris a 3-0 lead!


In the 42nd minute, Messi's diagonal pass was blocked, and Neymar followed up with a volley to give Paris a 4-0 lead!


In the 51st minute, Ashraf fought for the ball in front of him and returned the favor with a peach to assist Neymar to push the goal, scoring twice in a row, and Paris took a 5-0 lead!

In the 53rd minute, Jonatang Bamba scored two consecutive goals to bring Back One City 1-5!

In the 65th minute, Mbappe and Neymar played a tacit understanding of each other and completed the double shot, 6-1!

In the 86th minute, one man, one hat! Neymar passed a long pass over the top and then sent an assist to stage an assist hat-trick, creating five goals in a single game! Mbappe received the ball into the penalty area and scored a hat to make it 7-1!

In the 6th minute, Jonatang Bamba received the ball inside the penalty area and turned around and fired a low shot that was confiscated by Donnarumma.


List of players

Paris Saint-Germain starters: 99 Donaruma, 3 Kimpembe, 5 Marchinhos, 4 Ramos (80'15 Danilo Pereira), 25 Nuno Mendes (62'14 Bernat), 17-Vitinia Ferreira (83'8-Paredes), 6 Villati (62'18-Renato Sanchez), 2-Ashraf (80'26-Mujele), 10-Neymar, 7- Mbappe, 30- Messi

Non-playing substitutes: 16-Rico, 19-Saravia, 22-Diallo, 44-Equitic

Lille starters: 1 Leo Jardin, 5 Gudemonsson (57'26 Foginius), 6 Jose Fonte, 4 Alessandro Ribeiro (70'3 Thiago Jallow), 18 Diaquite, 31 Ismaili, 20 Angel Gomez, 21 Bunjaman Andre (57'8 Martin), 11 Yazega (57'23-Giorova), 9 Jonathan David, 7- Jonathan Bamba

Non-playing substitutes: 16-Jakubeh, 30-Chevalier, 13-Zedadka, 15-Joro, 35-Baleba

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