Sep 13 2022

Paris 1-1 Monaco, Neymar penalty shoot, Mbappe lost a single knife, Paris three-centre-post

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At 2:45 a.m. (okbet sports) on August 29, a focus battle in the fourth round of the Ligue 1 was played at the Parc des Princes in Paris, Paris Saint-Germain against Monaco, and the referee of the game was Bernois. In the first half, the Monaco midfielder broke the ball and Golovin assisted Flanders to break the goal. However, Flanders was injured in this goal and was replaced by his teammates after the goal. At the end of the first half, Messi and Mbappe hit the frame with two consecutive shots. In the second half, Neymar made a point and personally took the penalty, and Ashraf's long-range shot hit the upright again and popped up. Just before the finale, Mbappe missed a one-handed chance. The match ended with Paris drawing 1-1 at home to Monaco.

Critical events

In the 19th minute, Flanders seized the counter-attack opportunity to score, Monaco 1-0 Paris.


In the 23rd minute, Flanders was injured as soon as he scored, and Akliusz came off the bench.


In the 45th minute, Messi fired a long-range shot into the neutral post, and Mbappe's shot also popped up on the post.


In the 69th minute, the referee decided to foul Maripán in the penalty area by watching VAR, and Neymar scored a penalty to make It 1-1 Monaco.

In the 76th minute, it was another post, and Ashraf's shot was rejected by the post.

List of players

Paris Saint-Germain starters: 99 Donaruma, 3 Kimpembe, 5 Marchinhos (86'26 Mugélet), 4 Ramos, 25 Nuno Mendes, 18 Renato Sanchez (62'15 Danilo Pereira), 6 Villati, 2 Ashraf, 10 Neymar, 7 Mbappe, 30 Messi (86'19 Salavia)

Non-playing substitutes: 1 Navas, 14 Bernat, 22 Diallo, 8 Paredes, 33 Zaire Emery, 44 Equitic

Monaco starters: 16-Nubel, 3-Maripán, 6-Disassi, 5-Benois Bediashar, 12-Cayo Henrique, 26-Aguilar, 4-Camara (73'11-Lucas), 17-Golovin (62'36-Embolo), 19-Fafana, 10-Beneder, 31-Flanders (24'21-Akliusz) (62'18-Tatsumi Minamino)

Non-playing substitutes: 30-Didilon, 23-Sal, 41-Magasa, 14-Jacobs, 77-Gersson Martins

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