Sep 24 2022

Argentine manager: If Messi can't get it to enjoy we're in trouble

By Augu
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In a recent warm-up match, Argentina beat Honduras 3-0, Messi scored twice, and Argentine coach Scaloni said that he hopes Messi can enjoy it, because the more he enjoys, the more successful Argentina will be, and the fans will enjoy it more.

Scaloni said: "The important thing is that Messi enjoys it, he enjoys playing because if he doesn't enjoy playing we are in trouble. The more Messi enjoys, the more we all enjoy. I think he enjoyed it in Paris too: I saw him well, I saw him comfortable, and I want him to continue like that. ”

Commenting on the tight scrutiny of the opponent during the match, Scaloni said: "We are used to the fact that no matter where Messi plays, there is more than one player staring at him. We work around this issue. Our training is like this, when he runs to the side, the winger runs to the middle, and when he is the No. 9, Lautaro will retreat. ”

Speaking about the World Cup, Scaloni said: "I participated in the World Cup as a player and it is a big responsibility to play in the World Cup. I want the players to enjoy the World Cup. Sometimes, the best players don't win, what matters is how, why, we know that very well. It is important that the fans are enjoyed. ”

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