Sep 13 2022

Nice 0-1 Monaco, Embolo hammered the score and Cayo Henrique sent an assist

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OKBET sports At 02:45 on September 5 , the 6th round of Ligue 1 continued, and Nice sat at home at the Allianz Riviera Stadium to meet Monaco, and the referee of the game was Milot. In the first half, Nicola Pepe's volley was confiscated by Nubel and Golovin pushed it off the line. In the second half, Cayo Henrique assisted Embolo in a final shot. In the end, Nice lost 1-0 at home to Monaco.

Critical events

In the 12th minute, Attal inserted into the penalty area and pushed the goal to the goal and was saved by Nubel.


In the 28th minute, Delore stopped the ball and changed back to do it, and Nicola Pepe followed up with a volley that was confiscated by Nubel.


In the 38th minute, Goloving inserted into the penalty area and pushed a shot from a tight angle to deflect it.


In the 65th minute, Fofana scored a goal that was invalidated for offside; Bar handball, the referee did not award a penalty!


In the 68th minute, Cayo Enrique's diagonal pass to the back post assisted Embolo's header to break the deadlock and Monaco took a 1-0 lead!

List of players

Nice starters: 1 Caspar Schmeichel, 25 Todibo, 4 Dante, 42 Viti, 20 Attal (33'23 Lottomba), 16 Ramsey (54'21 Becca Beka), 19 Thuram Ulyan (46'8 Rosario), 26 Barr (76'15 Joe Bryan), 29 Nicolas Pepe (76'10 Diop), 7 Delore, 24- Gaeten-Labod

Non-playing substitutes: 90-Burka, 5-Maas Serrensen, 18-Eli, 28-Budoi

Monaco starters: 16-Nubel, 23-Marang Sal, 5-Benois Bediachal, 6-Diazsi, 12-Cayo Henrique, 4-Mohammed Camara, 19-Fafana, 26-Ruben-Aguilar (64'2-Vandson), 17-Golovin (89'14-Jacobs), 36-Embolo, 27-Diatta

Non-playing substitutes: 30-Didilon, 10-Benyeder, 11-Joan Lucas, 18-Takushi Minamino, 21-Akliusz, 41-Magasa, 77-Gersson Martins

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