Sep 14 2022

Sal: It's disappointing to have surgery to stay off the pitch, but it's also a frustration to continue your career

By Augu
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Bayern defender Bouna Sal reported safety on social media after completing the surgery.


Sal, who has undergone knee surgery, means he cannot represent Senegal at the World Cup in Qatar, saying: "Hello everyone! I just want to tell you that the surgery went well. I just want to say that after the operation, there is one less important thing to do in my mind, but more importantly, I can move on after this.

"I don't know how to express the disappointment of months off the pitch, especially when I still have to miss the World Cup. It wasn't easy to make, but after months of thinking about it, I finally understood that it would be the wisest decision and the most reasonable.

"I would like to thank those who sent me encouragement messages and many thanks to Dr Alfredson and his medical team for their clarity on how to take care of me. We'll see you in a few months! Good bye! Bavarian people, goodbye! Ghanaians! Always be positive because God loves the sick! ”

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