Sep 14 2022

Welsh Football Association has renewed coach Page's contract for 4 years and he will lead the team to the World Cup

By Augu
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The Welsh Football Association has officially announced that he has renewed his contract with coach Page for 4 years and he will lead the team to this year's World Cup in Qatar.


Page said: "There is no greater honour than coaching the national team, I think there will be more challenges in the next four years, [playing in the World Cup] it's an exciting time for Welsh football, I want the team to have a good performance, to make the country proud and I hope to continue our success by playing in more major events." ”

David Adams, FAW Chief Football Officer, said: "We are all delighted to see Page become the coach of the national team, his leadership and talent have helped us into the World Cup, and given Peppa's connection with the players, I am also excited about this appointment. ”

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