Sep 14 2022

Cabbage price sell La Liga third shooter! The Chinese boss lost blood: worth 25 million, he sold 8 million

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On the afternoon of September 13, OKBET sports, the Spaniard officially announced that he would sell the head of the shooter De Thomas to Vallecano, with a fixed transfer fee of only 8 million yuan, plus a floating bonus of 3 million euros.


Last season, the 27-year-old De Thomas contributed 17 goals and three assists in 34 La Liga appearances, making him the third-largest scorer in La Liga after Benzema and Aspars. If there is a good performance in the new season, De Thomas has a chance to catch the last train of the World Cup in Qatar.


However, De Thomas fell out with the Spaniards before the start of the game, and at one point he asked the Spaniards for a large contract with an annual salary of 6 million after tax. Originally, in the summer transfer window, De Thomas and Manchester United had a scandal, when some media said that the two sides were expected to reach an agreement for a transfer fee of 30 million euros. There is also news that Atletico want to bring in De Tomas to replace the departing Suarez. But as a result, the Spaniards failed to sell De Thomas until the transfer window closed.

De Thomas' move to Rayo Vallecano this time will not be registered until the next transfer window opens, so he will not be able to play until January next year, which means that he is doomed to miss the World Cup in Qatar.


In fact, De Thomas was worth 25 million euros in the German Transfer Market and is now selling for 8 million euros, which is definitely a miserable loss. You know, the Spaniard also spent 22.5 million euros when he brought him in from Benfica two years ago.

Chinese boss Chen Yansheng has always wanted to reduce the debt of espanyol clubs, and selling De Thomas was already in their plan. Although the sale of de Tomas for 8 million euros was a blood loss, this transfer would allow the Spaniard to turn a profit in this transfer window, with a net profit of 7.4 million euros.

Fortunately, the Spaniards have found a replacement for De Thomas, and that is Bryce witt, who is free of signs from Barca.

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