Sep 14 2022

World Cup final stadium lack of water Organizational competition order is chaotic

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On September 9, local time, Lucel Stadium hosted the opening match of the Lusail Super Cup, Saudi champions Riyadh Crescent penalty shootout 4-1 Egyptian champions Zamalek.


However, there have been many situations related to the game, and Reuters has disclosed the relevant situation in a document. The match is the first time the Lucel Stadium has hosted fans to attend the match, with 80,000 seats in the stadium, which will host the Qatar World Cup final. The station entrance is 400 metres from the stadium, and fans await admission in a 2.5-kilometre-long procession.

During the game, the pitch had no water at halftime and there was no outside. The temperature at the end of summer is 34 degrees, but it feels hotter due to the humidity.

Reuters described the scene as a man holding a child and shouting: Let's go, we have children. A woman shouted at the back of the line: "We need water, is there water?" ”

While Qatar has spent billions of dollars on World Cup infrastructure, it has never hosted an event of the size of a World Cup. Organizers said there were 77,575 visitors that day. A spokesman for the organizers said: "Every team involved in the organization of the event has gained experience, and they will summarize these experiences to prepare for the World Cup competition." ”

An Egyptian fan who has been living in Doha since 2004 said: "It's a mess, if that's the case, I don't want to come back to the stadium to watch the World Cup." I won't. ”

In addition to fan dissatisfaction, the suppliers also encountered problems, one supplier told Reuters that it was difficult for catering, security personnel and medical staff to enter the stadium. "Even some ambulances are turning around figuring out where to park," he said. All we got on the other side were in the wrong directions, and we had parking permits for non-existent parking lots. ”

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