Sep 14 2022

Bayern 2-0 Inter Sane scored + made Danbrosio Oolong

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The first round of competition for Group C of the 2022-23 Champions League group stage began, and Inter Milan sat at home to meet Bayern Munich. In the first half, Kimmich assisted Sane to score, and in the second half, Sane's attack caused D'Ambrosio to accidentally swing himself, and finally Bayern won 2-0 over Inter to win the Champions League.


Match diagram

Inter and Bayern have met five times in the Champions League, with two wins each and a draw. The most important previous match between the two teams was in the Champions League final in May 2010, when Inter won the title with a 2-0 victory over Bayern.

In the second minute of the first half, Koeman scored and Kimmich made a slight adjustment to the long-range shot that was saved by Onana. In the 6th minute, Dzeko picked out a pass and Lautaro followed up with a shot that was deflected. In the 8th minute, Sane picked up a pass from Alfonso and picked out the penalty area, and Muller's volley was confiscated by Onana. In the 17th minute, Dumfries' reverse triangle knock was blocked and D'Ambrosio's volley from outside the box was confiscated by Neuer.

In the 18th minute, Alfonso inverted the triangle back to the top of the arc, and Kimmich's slight adjustment to the goal was blocked by Brozovic. In the 21st minute, Koeman returned the pass and Kimmich's long-range shot from outside the box was confiscated by Onana. In the 22nd minute, Sane's diagonal pass into the box, Mane knocked back into the middle and Müller pushed the ball over the crossbar by Onanato. In the 23rd minute, Komannet cut into the penalty area and knocked back in the reverse triangle, and Müller's low shot was saved by Onana.

In the 25th minute, Kimmich's long pass from midfielder, Sane's arc-top ball and the knock-out Onana pushed the ball into the empty net, giving Bayern a 1-0 lead.


Sane opened the record

In the 33rd minute, Kimmich's direct free-kick from the front was confiscated by Onana. In the 34th minute, Inter's corner kick was crossed, Dzeko jumped up and headed the ball off the top of the goal, and the ball was blocked off the line. In the 37th minute, Mane's diagonal cross from the left side of the penalty area was blocked by Alfonso, Müller and Sabitsé. In the 45th minute, Sane received a pass from Koeman on the right side of the penalty area and the goal was blocked.

In the second half, the two teams fought again. In the 50th minute, Dumfries crossed the box from the right, D'Ambrosio split the ball and Dzeko's shot was confiscated by Neuer. In the 58th minute, Sane scored and Komaneche adjusted his shot to block the net.

In the 66th minute, Sane and Koeman sent the ball to the goal after a series of passes, the ball was blocked by Onana and then blocked by D'Ambrosio, who was defending in front of the goal, to give Bayern a 2-0 lead.


D'Ambrosio swung himself

In the 68th minute, Koeman burst into the box with the ball and crossed diagonally, and Mane's small angled shot from the left side of the penalty area was saved by Onana. In the 72nd minute, Goretzka's long-range shot from outside the penalty area was confiscated by Onana. In the 82nd minute, Sane's diagonal pass to the right side of the penalty area was met by Gnabry's volley high. In the 83rd minute, Lucas Hernandez's pass was cut off and Gagliardini blocked the ball into the box and the unguarded Correa followed up with a shot that deflected off the goal. In the first minute of injury time, Gnabrineche's volley was blocked by Di Marco. In the end, Bayern won 2-0 away to Inter.

Inter Milan (352): 24-Onana/95-Bastoni (72'32-Di Marco), 37-Shkrinjar (72'6-Defrey), 33-Danbrosio/8-Gosens, 20-Charhanoglu (81'5-Galiardini), 77-Brozovich, 22-Mkhitaryan, 2-Dumfries (72'36-Damian)/10-Lautaro Martinez, 9-Dzeko (72'11-Correa)

Bayern Munich (4231): 1-Neuer/19-Alfonso Davies, 21-Lucas Hernandez (84'44-Stanisic), 4-De Ligt (75'2-Pamecano), 5-Pavard/18-Sabic (61'8-Goretzka), 6-Kimmich/10-Sane (84'42-Musiara), 25-Müller, 11-Koman (75'7-Gnabry)/17-Mane

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