Sep 01 2022

World Cup winning starting center back has no chance to play anywhere

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At the beginning of this season, Umtiti joined Serie A team Lecce on loan from Barcelona, which is undoubtedly a win-win-win deal for all three parties involved in the transfer. Because Barca can finally send away the "tumor" of Umtiti, and Lecce will also welcome the team's biggest star in history, and Umtiti will also get the opportunity to play the game of his dreams.


Umtiti joins Lecce

However, after joining Lecce, Umtiti did not get a chance to play, and he has not yet made his debut in his new home, so Umtiti's Serie A debut will have to wait a little longer.

Umtiti: winning the World Cup, from the future pillar of Barca's defense to the Camp Nou outcast

Umtiti joined Barca from Lyon in 2016 for a transfer fee of €25 million. After joining Barca, Umtiti came up with a very good performance, squeezing out Mascherano in the first season and becoming the main center back combination of Barca with Piqué. The fans called Umtiti a "black version" of Puyol, which shows the fans' love for Umtiti, and Barca also took Umtiti as a defensive leader. It is also in Barcelona's excellent performance, Umtiti caught the 2018 World Cup express, and became the main center back of the French team, and with solid defense and winning goals, to help the French team advanced to the final, all the way to win the World Cup championship, which also reached the peak of Umtiti's career, Umtiti's value soared to 70 million euros.


Umtiti helped France win the World Cup

But behind winning the World Cup, Umtiti has hidden physical problems. Before the World Cup, Umtiti found out that there is a knee injury, at that time Barcelona hopes that he will undergo surgery, the probability will be the root cause, but Umtiti future World Cup refused surgery, chose conservative treatment. On the one hand. Umtiti's conservative treatment let him win the World Cup, on the other hand, for their own careers after laying hidden problems.

Due to the load of the World Cup matches, Umtiti's knee was already overwhelmed after the World Cup. After the World Cup, affected by injuries, Umtiti's number of appearances decreased sharply, and the quality of Umtiti's game also decreased seriously, frequent risers, slips and falls, burying the game again and again defensively, Barcelona fans hate Umtiti to the extreme.


Umtiti's "classic slip"

Changed teams, but no chance to play

Barca wants to send Umtiti away, and Umtiti wants a chance to play, but in Barca's current lineup, even Piqué has no chance to play, let alone Umtiti. Umtiti said in an interview when he joined Lecce: "I want to find the joy of playing football again." Unfortunately, Umtiti didn't get what he wanted and still hasn't gotten a minute of game time.

Some say that Umtiti has made his own luck, while others say that Umtiti has achieved his dream of winning the World Cup. What do you think about these two views?

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